Back to the Grind!


Hello everyone and welcome to the blog! I think it’s been 3 or 4 long months since I posted anything on here and while I read a lot of things I must admit I have been dealing with a great amount of change. One thing that has not changed is my absolute love for a great cup of coffee and while I sip my cup I pray that have all been well and happy the past few months


When I last wrote I was doing a great deal of work and trying to find something to do to supplement my income and I believe that DoorDash has really done that for me as of late! I never thought I could do this full-time but I have been pleasantly surprised at just how profitable it can be. I’m certainly not saying that it will make you rich by any means but if you want the flexibility of making your own schedule and doing something you really love I recommend giving it a try it’s very fun and rewarding!

Screenshot_20191111-062910_Google.jpgIt’s funny that while I’m more active now that ever my fat loss journey has really taken a hit and I’ve found myself not making any serious strides in this area. I haven’t gained back any major amount but I haven’t lost any as well and that’s not very hard to see honestly! My workout routine has been nonexistent the past 3 months and my weights are over there collecting cobb webs at the moment! My weight bench has started collecting clothes and other things because it hasn’t been used for a major workout in

If you all remember I was telling you about how you can get so distracted by life that you end up not having a purpose at all and you’re reacting to life instead of planning it? That’s been me lately, I have been consumed with trying to get back into a rhythm of being the major breadwinner in the family and balance has been hard to This is the very first day I have had off of work in about 45 days and I really do need it to get back on my game and refresh my mindset! It feels amazing to be writing something, anything at this point and I’m thankful to have the space to do that here!

While today is for relaxing and catching up on some much-needed rest it is also about getting back to my grind of CHANGE!

I love you all very much and I wish you a fantastic week!

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Good morning everybody and welcome back to the blog! Don’t pass out but this is my second time in as many days that I’m blogging and that’s very rare these days. It will be fairly short today I just wanted to jump on because I need to be more consistent as well as keep you informed as to what I am trying to get done this week! I hope you have your coffee ready because I have my cup over there ready to go and I’m in the mood to get shit done.


Part of trying to stay focused is having a plan in place and this weeks plan is very ambitious! Tomorrow I will be back door dashing and doing Postmates and I plan on working at the bare minimum 12 hours a day. while I am working I will be doing a 3 day fast with just my delicious coffee and water and maybe some Organifi green juice if I just need a little something! I figure since I will be sitting in a vehicle on and off all day I need to keep well hydrated without getting too overwhelmed. I’ll start my shift at around 5:30 tomorrow and work well into the early morning hours and then get a few hours of quality sleep and get right back at it! I found that because I live so very close to Louisville there are zones that actually start dashing very early before my city opens up and I want to be ready to reap the benefits! My goal is to make between 150 and 200 dollars and while I’m aware that’s reaching a bit because I’m getting a later start I think that if I focus on what I’m doing and God is with it I can get close!

To help me focus I will be checking out a few of my favorite podcasts on health and nutrition plus the occasional reach over to ESPN to check out all the latest trades!

While I will not be working out for the next couple of days I will be doing my Chi and stretching exercises plus of course my meditation! Hopefully, I will get a nice batch of orders that will have me fairly busy but just in case I don’t I’ll get out and walk around to keep my legs and body fresh!

Screenshot_20190710-110116_Google.jpgI’ll be calling a local dealership to see if I can maybe trade my Tahoe in on a Transit connect van I saw on their website! The milage was very low and the vehicle looks from the outside eye it was well maintained we will see of course! At the very least I can get the ball rolling that I am looking for something that will allow me to reach my goals in the field of Transportation! I’ve always loved driving and making my own hours and doing my own thing and with Gods help, I will make this business work of being an Independent Courier! I’ve learned that when you truly enjoy something and you have a passion for it you should go all out and do the very best you can because it’s your damn

I truly believe that driving can pay the bills and allow my family to have a great life but part of my overall plan is to do different things to help others who battle with obesity like myself! Writing is fun and Podcasting is even more fun and I believe that it will be the work I do in those two areas that will define my lives work! I will definitely find a charity that I am passionate about as well I’m just not as sure about which one yet!

I take my health very seriously and I feel like my head is clear now and I will continue to better myself so that I can better serve others! So tomorrow is a big day for me and everyday after because no matter what I will continue to focus my efforts on being the very best version of me possible! I believe in myself and I also believe in all of you and I wish you a wonderful day!


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Screenshot_20190709-103556_Google.jpgHello everyone and welcome back to the blog! I feel like so much has happened in so little time I’m not sure just where to begin. You all know how blogging is in that you have times that are tuned in and always writing and then there are times you are just distracted by life and all that it throws at you! Recently I have been dealing with my share of life’s curve balls but I am learning a lot about myself and my strengths and weakness. Anyway today I thought I would catch up with everyone and let you all in on what’s been going on with me and the fam! Let’s get it!

I noticed that anytime I endure anything financial or personal I simply think about it so much that it consumes me to the point that it literally freezes everything else in its tracks and I am no good in all the other areas. Case in point we ahve been dealing with some financial things and then we hit a snag with my truck breaking down. Now truck and vehicle problems happen to all of us but when your ability to make money or generate a small sense of financial security is halted it puts a real strain on things! While we deal with the truck we realized that we have not been handling money like adults should but rather as kids handle it. Spending money on food we shouldn’t eat and things that are just not very important because they are easier than being financially responsible.

FScreenshot_20190709-103430_Google.jpgor me, dealing with obesity all roads lead back to eating in ways I no longer wish to eat but have long been established in my mind as tried and true was to deal with my issues. One of the reasons I struggle with obesity is that it was easier than facing or changing my behavior that directly affected the problem at hand. To take it a step further when you don’t even know how to deal with the problem you are twice defeated. I eat the foods that are slowly killing me while also skillfully dodging the tools that will help me solve the problems at hand. Learning those money problems are not always necessarily food problems is a big one for me. I have learned to eat the way in which makes my body feel free and happy and now that there is some troubled water it’s my nature to go back to what I have always done which is eat the stress away. We all know that it doesn’t really go away it’s just grown into stress with a growing gut to

I’m writing this today because I have recognized the signs of the beginning of a spiral and I am struggling to do differently that which I have previously done. This blog has always helped me stay focused on that which I have tried to accomplish. Which leads me to another thing if I don’t feel right I typically don’t blog regularly and that’s something I have recently discovered about myself. I’ve also noticed that meditation and strength training has also suffered anytime I’m dealing with a situation I find stressful. There’s something powerful about controlling your actions in a time of crisis that I have yet to master but I am truly working on it!

On the eating front, it hasn’t been really bad just not what I would like and I’m aware that my low carb lifestyle needs to continue because it makes me feel healthier and puts my body in a certain state of satisfaction I’ve never had. The money situation has gotten me eating cheap processed foods just to save money and using that as an excuse to eat crap. I have eaten more bad carbs the last 2 weeks then in the past year, I That certainly has to end because I don’t want to go back to eating the way I did and dealing with the aches and the pains of starting from scratch! Knowing what to do is only the first step an even bigger step is using the knowledge of awareness plus that knowing and applying it to the current situation! That is what I have decided to do and until I find my way out if this situation I know I need a plan and a routine!

Screenshot_20190709-103335_Google.jpgThe plan is to work smarter and certainly work a little harder to stay focused and on track. First, I have decided to get back to meditation and cleansing my mind with the word of god and prayer. Getting back to listening to my favorite podcast and motivational speakers and also getting back to helping others! The worst thing about dealing with problems is they often make us feel like we can’t help other people because we need help ourselves and that’s just not the case and I believe that! The best way I have ever found to stay healthy and happy is by being of service to others and it truly does change the outline of my life and I vow to get back to that!

Screenshot_20190709-103506_Google.jpgMore rest! I’m not sure why but I tend to sleep horribly when I’m troubled but I don’t really have bad dreams I just can’t really get that sound sleep and I think it’s because I got away from my routine of going to bed and slowly unwinding and then falling off to a sound sleep. In short, the programming that I have designed has gone to Bad data and horrible programming will get me every single time! That I know for sure because I am a planner and without a plan, I am a wreck waiting to happen. So this week I will be getting my plan back together with diet, workout and mental exercises!

We all stumble and fall we just aren’t allowed to not get up and dust the sand from our garments and continue the Marathon! I pray that whatever you are going thru and whatever you are doing that you continue to be honest with yourself because self-love starts with self-honesty! Sometimes you have to call bullshit on your self, that’s just the way it is and If you are CHANGE like I am you have to fall forward because it’s all you have sometimes! I love you all so much and as always I am here for anyone who needs me! Have a wonderful day!


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It’s been too damn long!

Screenshot_20190627-075110_Google.jpgHi everyone I have been the worst with my writing as of late and I feel like my whole routine is a bit off. I’m very happy to be back and writing this morning and hope you are all doing fine as well! Today is absolutely perfect day weather wise so far and I’m loving the cool breeze that is floating around the city this morning! I’ve been busy living and catching things up but I pray that I am back being more consistent with my blog than I am being now! Well, let’s begin……

Screenshot_20190627-075136_Google.jpgOn the workout front, I have really been slowing way down because I have been working a lot more and for some reason, I can’t seem to get back into a flow as of late! I’ve been doing Doordash and Postmates delivery and I have to say that it gets very addictive because I’m making money with something I love to do! One of only a few drawbacks to this type of work is you have to put in a good amount of time to make the same money as others who do it in a larger more populated area. What I find is that I’m kinda always watching for my phone to go off indicating I have a delivery offer. This is no excuse but the adjustment period has been a little difficult and I’m still trying to find a healthy balance to get my workouts in while still staying productive!


Screenshot_20190627-075345_Google.jpgAs I type this I am on my second day of a 5-day challenge of fasting while dashing and deliveries and yesterday was a very hard day! Like an idiot, I got a damn seatbelt ticket and I haven’t had a ticket since I was like 20 or so!  Seeing them lights behind you brings your focus back real quick, almost like you feel guilty and you just forgot to wear your safety 25 dollars later and off I went to deliver another order feeling really dumb, I’m a grown ass man with kids I know better and that shit is both stupid and hilarious because I would chastise my kids to death if they ever got a seatbelt infraction! Sorry, but because I got that ticket and it was the first day of the 5 day fast of course I was going to go eat Thank goodness I didn’t give in because the truth is the ticket is going to cost if I eat or not! So to make a long story longer, I am still on my fasting game and I still struggle with it from time to time but it is and always will be apart of my fat loss toolbox!

These days I’ve been pretty much Carnivore and then few cheats here and there. Low carb is great but for me, a carb is a carb and I find that I crave them badly even if they come from healthy sources. For the strangest reason, they all trigger me to want to eat all type of other bad foods so I have been focusing on staying away from most carbs until I have a better understanding of why. With one way of eating I really don’t have to think about food all the damn time I just know if it’s not meat or dairy I probably don’t buy it! It won’t always be this way but for now, this is where I am!

The kids are gone for the summer so we have had time to hang out together and enjoy each other’s company even though we have been working a lot to get caught up! My fiance’ just had her 39th bday on the 24th and that was fun but we had a few things we don’t normally eat and I really needed this prolonged fast to get reset! Wish me luck as the second day is always hardest for me!

Well, that’s about it folks I have been very boring lately just waking up working and then repeating but I hope to get into more of a damn flow this week so that I get better! I pray that you are all smiling and happy and reaching for your goals!

Have a fantastic day!

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It’s been too Long

Screenshot_20190603-072403_Google.jpgHi everyone and welcome back to the blog! I know I have been missing in action but like many of you, I have had a lot going on! Typically you all know that if anything gets pushed to the side it’s the blog and that’s unfortunate because I really love writing and staying up on all my friends on here! My consistency really does need to improve however and again I apologize for my absences! Now that I got that out of the way I have lots to share with you so let’s get it!

I’ve been doing Doordash and Postmates as a way to make a great income while I figure out my future business ideas and these platforms have been amazing! Not only are they fun and exciting but in my market, it’s relatively new to everyone, for the most part, is excited about the ability to have these options! We have all the delivery services here that most towns do but the scale of use has been relatively small until now so I’m blessed to be getting into it at the proper time! The awesome thing about it is I get to work outside and drive around which really helps with fat loss because I get very involved with my work and I look up and it’s almost time to be done. Another cool thing is because of my location in my city I can pretty much sit in my living room and field offers for deliveries and let’s face it that’s a huge perk! The only drawback for me as of now is my truck, I love my truck but it’s an S.U.V and I’m sure I could be getting much better gas mileage if I had a car.

On the fat loss front, I am pretty much in the same place as before, I keep wrestling with the same 10 pounds back and forth and while it’s frustrating I’m thankful that it’s trending downward! I’ve recently started lifting weights again and with all the work I’m doing I certainly have been fasting very successfully! This June I am determined to get under 450 pounds! It has been my goal for a while I keep getting close and then fall back and close and then back again so this month I’m just going to put my head down and get it done because I need to get out of the 400’s

My diet has been mostly Carnivore but I just introduced some green salads and smoothies back into my diet to help break up the boring routine! Sometimes I just need some color on my plate that only veggies can provide! The fasting system I am using is 20/4 and it seems to suit me because I can get a great amount of fasting and get all the food I need in that 4-hour window each day. The way the apps work for my job I have no real way of knowing when I’m going to get orders so sometimes it can be hard to be consistent with my times but I’ll just start eating in the afternoon or nighttime because the dinner rush is not that long here.

Screenshot_20190603-072531_Google.jpgI recently found that I really love shopping at Aldi’s and the prices are absolutely amazing for eating low carb! Eggs are really low and with the new sales cycle are now just .49 cents this week! Again because I’m in the smaller market my store doesn’t get super busy and I can get in and get out in a breeze! Gotta love that and the staff is super nice and helpful! I’m actually going to be going by there today to grab those eggs and some chocolate almond milk and water for the week ahead!

Sadly I haven’t been able to really get to do my Youtube channel like I wanted to but hopefully, I can find time this summer since the kids are gone for a few months! The great thing is I have been reading about all of your blogs and I’m so impressed by how great everyone has been doing and reaching their goals you are all awesome and I love each and every one of you real talk!


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Always On Time He Is!


Good morning homies and welcome to the blog today! It’s been way too long and it’s way too early in the morning here but I missed all my fellow bloggers and I had to get back to you all! It’s so early I don’t even have coffee yet! If you know me you know that’s already a problem for sure but hey hopefully you have your hot cup when you read this later. Some things have been happening lately so I wanted to get up to date so let’s get it!

So get this I got hired at this job and I was super happy because I had been looking so very long for something better. The guy called and said that my orientation will be Tuesday and I had a big smile about that! So I’m seating at home Monday and I get a call from the person that runs the office and she informs me that the position is no longer open for me, the person who was leaving has decided to stay with the company so your not going to be able to work here. Now she wasn’t rude about it at all but you know how it is when you get gut-punching news it really doesn’t matter how they say it you are just not happy! I was 80 degrees and I never get too pissed but I was that day. I just said thank you and I understand but inside, yeah I was heated. lol. The reason I’m telling you this is like you all know while I respect everyone’s choice on faith matters I AM a child of GOD and he always finds a way to make a way.


The week before I had been thinking about doing Doordash. For those of you that don’t know it’s an App based platform that allows you to pick up orders for people such as food and drinks and the like. It’s like Grubhub and other services however I live in a very small town that just started the service! So there are some kinks I have been making great money while driving around on my own schedule! The cool thing is because it’s so new here it’s getting busier and busier every day and that’s just GOD doing what he does when he does it for real, I mean always on time! Plus I really love the work and the places I have been because despite this being a small place there are some really cool Mom and Pop establishments that serve amazing cuisine her in Elizabethtown!

On the eating front I am all the way Carnivore now and while I certainly am not as strict as I should be this protocol is a game-changer for me! The shopping is so damn easy and I’m eating whole foods that are delicious and fairly inexpensive so that’s really a blessing! At the moment I am doing alternate day fasting and it’s so simple I just eating Carnivore one day and then I absolutely fast the entire next day and that’s it! Again I love the simplicity of the system so far and it seems to be working for me, Knowing I can have a big feast on the next day makes fasting all day seem fun as well as easier.

Still lifting weights and doing my cardio, as usual, my schedule has gotten simpler as well. On days that I feast I don’t work out and the days that I fast I hit the workout no matter what. I have been getting my steps in doing the Dashing so that helps but it’s every single day for now and there’s a good amount of downtime so I need to use that time more productively. Thinking about doing some stretching exercises or something between dashes to get more flexible I’m so not

Screenshot_20190504-104515_Canva.jpgI will say that sadly I have been slacking on the Youtube channel and social media because of things that have happened recently in our lives but I need to refocus my efforts because I really do want to be a blessing to others! The one thing I have been doing is Podcasting and if you are interested in checking out the podcast I would love your feedback my latest episode is called Obesity is solved in the dark/ step into your greatness I hope you will find time to listen and that it helps in some way!

Have a day out there and make sure to treat each other with kindness today!


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Trials and Tribulations

Screenshot_20190416-083410_Google.jpgHello everyone and welcome to the Koncept today, I am so very happy and thankful that you all stopped by to read. I have recently been going thru a few things and you all know how life can be sometimes so I won’t bore you with my little pity party because I believe these rough patches make us stronger! That’s what life is about anyway is getting better and stronger and blessing others. I am blessed this morning to have the pleasure of a warm cup of coffee and your company so let’s get into it!

Before I mentioned that I found a job and that’s true but it has taken so long for my orientation to start I’m still not sure if I actually have the damn job so I’ve decided to move on to other things! Recently I have discovered Door Dash and I really love doing it because I can work my own hours and get in some much-needed cardio when it’s super busy. For those of you who don’t know Door dash is an app based job that allows you to fill orders for people on demand. They place an order for food or at a store and you pick up the food for them or you shop for the items for them it all depends. The fact that I can do this whenever I want is really liberating and while it’s not enough to be a full-time thing for me because it’s new to my area, it gives me a way to provide for my family while I find something more steady! Plus I get to do it in my own car and I love to drive anyway so it fits!


Like I said before we have been going thru a few rough patches and while we all go thru this at some point it has really reminded me of how blessed I am. It’s so humbling to realize that there are tons of options for my life and that others don’t have the fortune I have been blessed with. I have a family that has my back, a girl who loves me and believes in me, best friend that holds me down and to top it all off I have God! He has given me so much strength and mercy with his grace, I realize that I am not as fly as I think I am and not as smooth as I would like to think sometimes but he loves me anyway! During times like these, it’s easy to go back to all the bad habits that I have always had because it’s easier! However the longer you love the more you understand that times of trial are necessary for all of us to step into our greatness!


Having said that I have been struggling to keep my head focused on eating properly and staying the course health-wise. What happens when I don’t feel right or when I am struggling is I turn to food for comfort. It’s what has gotten me to where I am now and I have been telling myself to stay the course and not get sidetracked by circumstances! I am changed so I can’t be the old me, I have to be the new me, the one that understands food has nothing to do with problems and trials unless your It’s been difficult but I have continued to eat the low carb way and to fast every single day!

Screenshot_20190416-083647_Google.jpgThis morning I had a hard strength training session and I have been focusing on that routine a lot lately! It puts my mind right when I lift and while I’m not sure why I am certainly grateful for it! My muscles are screaming as I write this and I love it! I can’t just be CHANGE when I feel like it, I must be CHANGE all the time until I am who I want to be where I want to be it! I’m not suggesting it’s easy because it certainly isn’t but nothing that I have ever accomplished was ever easy and simple! Sometimes it’s our own personal hell on earth but we have to FIGHT we have no choice because the cost is too great to give up and I will not allow that to happen to my family! They need me now more than ever and I will never stop fighting for them, EVER! By the way, if I don’t get to quit, You don’t get to quit!.lol

Have a great day and go be a blessing in someone’s life today! Thank you so much for reading!















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A New Direction?

Screenshot_20190404-101202_Google.jpgToday is Thursday, April 4th am I am happy to be alive! There have been loads going on around here so I apologize for not getting back sooner. This morning I have already finished lifting weights and I’m on my second cup of coffee as we I hope all of you had an amazing week so far and considering tomorrow is Friday I’m sure everyone is happy about that at least! Why don’t you all grab some coffee and join me while I get everyone updated!

Screenshot_20190401-105804_Canva.jpgIt’s officially spring break here so the kids are away and it’s just me and the lady of the house! The break has been nice although I do miss my brats I must admit. We have been taking time to relax and chill but for me personally, I have been looking for a better job and I think I found one! I was offered a job working with seniors and I thought that would be really great while I continued to study and advance my business. My first day is supposed to be this week and I’m happy to get started because I have always wanted to do work that I felt really made a difference in someone’s life! Thank the lord that the pay is really good considering the type of work and that was a huge surprise because I figured it would be a lot less.

Carnivore/Omad is still going strong and at present, I am in the middle of my weekly extended fast of 24 hrs at the very least. I usually just see how I feel after 24 hours and if I’m good I extend it another day and if I’m struggling I typically have some broth or something to break my fast. The fam started off doing what I was doing but I think they have all gotten bored and are now slowly doing their own thing, which is fine. I made a promise to myself that I would do this way of eating and fasting at least till the 18th of this month and see how I feel and I’m sticking to it! We are planning to go shopping this week to stock the shelves and I bet they will be asking for the old foods they love. It’s all good!

Like I said at the beginning I have been super consistent with my workouts to the point that I keep meaning to take a day off but it’s kinda part of my routine now so I just end up doing it I’m not doing super heavy workouts anyway just enough to keep my body healthy and still keep getting stronger and flexible. Chances are good that on the 18th I’ll probably switch my lifting routine up as well since I will be working a lot more and who knows what my schedule will look like!

I have been really slipping when it comes to doing the Youtube channel lately and I think it’s because I am struggling with editing and finding my place but I will get there eventually I suppose I just need to make it as routine as my workouts and I think I will be fine. I’m not having the same problem with the podcast and I’ve stayed fairly constant with those topics for the listening public! Balance is something that I really do need to improve on and I have focused so much on fat loss that I have been lacking in other areas which are certainly not o.k for my standards! I can and I will get better!

Well, that’s all I have for today, I’m off to get some errands ran, do laundry, clean the crib and do some research! Plus I still need to get my extra walking in that I do when the weather is nice out and I think today qualifies for sure! I love yall and I pray that you all have a wonderful day and rest of the work week!

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Screenshot_20190329-080643_Google.jpgGood morning everyone and welcome to the Koncept! My blog will be pretty short today because I have a ton to get done but I wanted to let you all know a few things and then I’ll be chilling for the weekend! I hope you all got coffee because I just finished the workout and I forgot my cup downstairs. lol Here goes…

Screenshot_20190329-080606_Google.jpgSo as of this morning, I am officially down to 467 however I have been fasting for 36 hours plus so some may be water weight and not pure fat but I’ll take it! lol. I’ve noticed that combining the walking with the lifting has helped but the biggest lift I think is coming from having a morning routine! I’m so used to my morning routine that my body wakes me up the moment I’m supposed to and I’m off to do my thing! I just wanted to stop by and see get a morning routine and I mean one that has more than coffee and bacon in it! The brain loves patterns and developing habits and we might as well put some good habits in there along with the bad right?

Lastly, (I told yall this was short) I wanted to tell you all to keep pushing and don’t let off the gas yet you’re about to step into your greatest victory! You got what it takes to be the best you can be at anything that you desire! Have a great weekend!!!










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Screenshot_20190327-080220_Google.jpgWell, it’s another lovely Wednesday morning here in Kentucky and my sunshine is not here just yet! I’m hoping that is is as beautiful a day today as it was yesterday and that everyone has similar weather wherever they are! I had a super early start this morning because I had a good amount of things to get done and I’m a little tired from yesterday. Before we get started I just want to say how proud I am of all of you for being apart of this blog and being on this planet. I don’t think I take enough time to say thank you for all the people who continue to bless me along this journey and I need you all to know that you are appreciated!


So I have this lady that does the Walk away the pounds videos and I really do think we are destined to meet one day because she is saving my life with these videos. The thing is when I lived in Seattle I actually used to do these videos to get more fit and try to lose weight, of course, my diet was horrible which was why my results Anyway, you all know I have gotten the strength training down very well and my diet has certainly come a long way so now that I have seen her videos popping up on Youtube I’m very excited. These workouts are really very low impact steady state cardio but they are very easy on your body and more importantly your joints! It’s really cool because these videos got me moving back in the day and from them, I started walking a great deal more! I’m hoping they will trigger the same kind of effect now, it’s simply a matter of putting it all together!

My Carnivore/Omad experience is going really well and my adherence to this way of eating has improved dramatically! Lately, I have been eating a good amount of ground meat and baked chicken just to keep it simple and inexpensive because this way of eating can hit your pockets hard if you let it! Eggs are huge on a carnivore diet but because I only really eat them in deviled form I really don’t consume a high amount! I’m hoping to grab some sardines and fish this coming weekend because I know I’m not getting enough of those great Omega 3 and 6’s! As I was going over my notes I think I’m doing more of a 20/4 eating protocol instead of the traditional omad diet because I never truly wait 23 hours every day before I break my fast. I’m calling it omad because I really do only eat one meal a day but because I find I may be lacking in calories I usually give myself a little room in case I want a bulletproof coffee or some type of meat in a few hours after my feast. I find that most days I don’t need anything else but I have found myself a few times having a coffee and then starting my fast again.

Screenshot_20190327-080256_Google.jpgSo my lowest weight ever was 470 after I did that 3-day water only fast at the beginning of February and just like I have researched I gained a few pounds after my refeed, however, I am happy to report that my weight this morning is 471! It’s never as fast as my ego wants it to be but I trust my body to melt the fat off the way it will. lol So without a prolonged fast or anything my weight is stable at 471 and that’s just 1 pound off of my lowest ever so I’ll take it and be happy! What seems to be different lately is that I haven’t been having these huge weight fluctuations like in the past, my fluctuations would be on average 10 to 12 pounds on a weekly bases back and forth! So I’m very excited that I have found a way to keep myself from swaying too far back and forth.

Screenshot_20190327-050948_Instagram.jpgMy new found rhythm in the homeostasis department may have something to do with my workouts! This morning I had a really intense strength training session and last week I did a workout every single day, I didn’t miss one day! Again, I want to clarify that working out is a super small part of fat loss however it can certainly aid in stabilizing weight fluctuation and getting your body over plateaus that you may be experiencing! I learned a little trick that really helped this past week and it doesn’t require a lot of effort. If you change the order of the body parts you lift, start with the last exercise you do when your working your arms(Example) and do the reverse order you normally do! It’s the same lifting and same workout but when you reverse the order of the exercises it seems as if your body works a ton harder because of the muscle memory variation, I’m telling you it killed me this week so try that out!

Well just as I’m ending this the sun is peaking out over the trees would you look at that, God is good yall! Have a blessed day and go get it!

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